Episode 1 Launch Party (28th January 2011)

Launching Season 3, Owain Davies, our very new, very talented, and now very permanent, House Band captivated audiences with his Tenori-On electronica set.

Bar manager Dan Bull dared those souls brave enough to challenge him to our latest feature, Beat the Bull, with a challenge of bottle flipping. Needless to say, we spent the next 10 minutes clearing up broken glass!

Jerry Game Toilet Carpenter then took to the stage. If you don’t know Jerry’s work, it’s a collection of ‘unique’ game ideas inspired by and created during the daily commute to work, then posted at the end of every day. Jerry then invited the audience to create their own game, before presenting the best and declaring winners.

Brandon Boyer joined us as the From the Desk of guest for 2012! IGF chairman and creator of the soon-to-be-released Venus Patrol, Brandon took us through the very best of indie gaming, the perils of being a judge and introducing Venus Patrol canine mascot, Oliver.

Seeing out the Night, Paul Butler presented his Augmented Vision, with a titular (buttular?) talk, entitled Ass Effect.

A massive thanks to all of our indie developers exhibiting their brilliant wares, including MultiPieLtd, Nerf Games and Drop Dead Interactive, and prize contributors, including Sega, Rising Star Games, Codemasters and Kuoda