Profile: Snappy Fingers

Profile: Snappy Fingers

Ahead of Thursday’s GameCityNights, we profile one of the devs joining us to show off their stupendously brilliant work; this time, it’s Stuart Bray with HKTVST……can I have a vowel please, Carol?

Into the Archive…

Recently we’ve been dusting off the cobwebs from the GameCityNights video archive…

From The Desk Of…Lucky Frame

In the second FTDO… taken from last week’s Nights, we catch up with the entire team over at Lucky Frame. Messrs Yann Seznec, Jonathan Brodsky and Sean McIlroy joined us for a late night chat at their studio all the way from Edinburgh to chat about the very brilliant and IGF nominated Pugs Luv Beats…

From The Desk Of…Tom Francis

Here’s the first of this week’s post-Nights Season 3 Episode 2 videos. We caught up with Tom Francis, full time games journalist, part time games developer and all round nice guy, to talk about the phenomenal Gunpoint, another IGF finalist and super spy game extraordinaire.

Pugs Luv Beats trailer

Lucky Frame, creators of IGF nominated Pugs Luv Beats will be joining us at GCN Episode 2…

Beat the Bull

Beat the Bull

Last month, we introduced you to Beat the Bull. Beat the Bull is simple. Challenge Dan (the Bull), win, and get a prize. This month, it’s YOUR turn to set the challenge.

Gunpoint Trailer

At the next Nights we’ll be talking to Tom Francis, creator of Gunpoint: a game about rewiring things and punching people. Here’s the trailer.