Nights is back on Thursday 25th April and there’s a LOT going on!


We’ll be joined by everyone’s favourite radio/podcast/karaoke superstars of videogame culture commentary – ONE LIFE LEFT – who’ll be recording their latest show LIVE. Ste, Simon and Ann are travelling up to entertain us with a delicious mix of discussion, music, “ridiculous” features and other great stuff. WE <3 OLL.

One Life Left co-host Ste Curran will also be talking about the making of Echo Peak‘s latest game, Way of the Dogg. In case you haven’t heard, Way of the Dogg is a rhythm action game coming out later this year starring our second favourite* canine related rapper, Snoop Dogg. So we’re expecting plenty of surreal anecdotes and advice for anyone thinking of working with rap game heavyweights in the future.


Greenfly Studios are bringing along a handful of their PS Move party games for us to try out. We love our regular bouts of J.S. Joust so we’re really looking forward to trying out something new, comparably competitive, equally physical, similarly experimental, and just as fun!


QuickDraw is a gun-slinging homage to traditional Western films and Victorian pistol duels. A no-screen, digitally-enabled game for two to seven players using PSMove controllers, the goal is to be fastest straight-shooter around.

Featuring three modes, the principal mode “Gentleman’s Walk” arranges all players back-to-back whilst holding a PSMove controller vertically up. On the count to a church bell, each player takes a step forward and on the sound of pistol fire, everyone turns and shoots. The winner is the fastest, and straightest, shooter.

“Mexican Standoff” arranges all players in a big circle facing each other, PSMove contollers held vertically down by the hip (holstered). As the tumbleweed rolls past and the music plays, everyone is shifting their eyes & watching each other. On the sound of gunfire, everyone draws and shoots.

“Outlaws vs Sheriffs”; a Mexican Showdown with players arranged into teams – the team with the best average score (judged on speed and straightness) wins.

“Tense”, “nerve-wracking”, “awesome” and “just pure fun” are some of the statements given for Quick Draw.


GlowTag reinvents playground tag and turns it on its head. Best played with 6-7 players, it’s a no-screen digitally-enabled game using PSMove controllers. Placing each controller into their back pockets, a random player is designated “IT” and must avoid having their trigger hit for as long as possible! Once caught, a new random player is selected until all players have had a turn – the winner is the longest to avoid being tagged. The catch is, your never quite sure if your currently “it”!

With each controller placed behind the player, you can only see if other players are lit. Stay on your toes and guard your controller because it might be you!

Check out their Mexican Standoff and Tag games:


Developers and creatives! Do you have a game or something else relating to videogame culture? Do you want to show it off to a bunch of nice people?  We’ve expanded our Open initiative to include the regular Nights gigs in Nottingham, hopefully making it easier for you folks to get involved and get your work seen. Head over to and send us some details.


Loads more games.

GameCityNights Season 4 Episode 2
Thursday 25 April 2013
6pm – 11pm
Antenna, Beck Street, NG1 1EQ
£5 advance tickets coming soon.
£6 on the door/£5 NUS
NTU/Confetti Students free with valid Student I.D.
18+ ID required.

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*Parappa’s #1. Obviously.