IMG_0999Want to get involved in GameCityNights?

We don’t just mean listening to headliners talk about amazing things, nor meeting like minded people as passionate about the culture of games as you are.

We want to give developers the opportunity to exhibit their work to these people, for FREE.

We don’t charge a penny.

The GameCityNights are filled with people from far and wide, interested in everything and anything; games, movies, music, art, theatre, literature, baking, the list goes on. We want to help you get your work out there. We want to help get people talking about your games. Playing them. Buying them. Sharing them.

Every month (and at GameCityNights tour dates), we’ll have limited exhibition spaces for you to present your work at and we’ll also promote your appearance in the build up to the event in any way we can. Plus, you’ll get free entry to the event itself, which is a bonus! To find out more about this opportunity or book space right now, head over to