The special guests who have appeared at previous GameCityNights.

Brandon Boyer link
GameToilet link
Owain Davies link
Hogrocket • Tiny Invaders link
Chris O’Shea link
Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School Nottingham link
Richard England • Kinect Fun Labs link
TT Games • Jonathan Smith • LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean link
Vblank Entertainment • Brian Provinciano • Retro City Rampage link
Sam Gilmour • Unnamed Space Game link
Pumpkin Games • Paul Cunningham • Droid Assault link
Robot House Games • John Evelyn • Feed Our Doughnut Overlords link
Just Add Water • Stewart Gilray • Stranger’s Wrath HD link
Oddworld Inhabitants • Lorne Lanning link
Amanita Design • Jakub Dvorský link
Cory Schmitz link
Crytek UK • Karl Hilton & Steven Lewis • Crysis 2 link
Double Fine Productions • Lee Petty • Stacking link
Hello Games • Joe Danger link
Zoë Mode • Ste Curran • Chime link
Beatnik Games • Robin Lacey • Plain Sight link
Bizarre Creations • Blur link
Keita Takahashi • Noby Noby Boy iOS link
Martin Hollis link
Remedy Games • Sam Lake • Alan Wake link
Simon Hunter • Nottingham City Council Parks Dept. link
BBC Digital Interactive • Doctor Who The Adventure Games link
Sumo Digital • Charles Cecil link
James Moran link
Simon Byron link
Adam Saltsman link
Dark Energy Digital • Hydrophobia link
Nerf Games • Avoid, Actuate link
Ben Bradley • Substream link
Retro Remakes link
DropDeadInteractive link
GLPeas • BlindGiRl, Carcophony link
Otterly • Floe link
Derby University Students link
We Are Colin link
Rob Williams link
Paul Butler’s Augmented Vision
David Hayward
Gambling Lambs link
Graham Goring link
Theremin Hero Greig Stewart link
Derek Williams • Free Market Economy link
The Megaphones • Time Freeze Annual Biannual Convention link